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Our Aloha Kona Realty Ohana


When I first came to Hawaii I often heard the word Ohana and wondered about its meaning. I learned it meant “family” and that made sense as I noticed businesses using the word to describe their services related to homes and family activities. However, as I became a more experienced Hawaiian resident, I learned that the word Ohana goes much deeper in meaning.

The word Ohana comes from the taro plant. The Oha is the shoot, that takes root and starts the next generation of plant, the ana refers to regeneration. So Ohana is your family, but it also refers to community, and responsibility. An Ohana can be your kinship or it can be used to describe any community in which neighbors care for each other and have responsibility for the community.

As a realtor on the Big Island in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, I discovered the strong bond that develops with others when we serve our clients in their search for a new home, selling their home, moving to a new life style, and helping them transition to their future. Our ohana grows every year as we make life long friends and welcome new neighbors. Perhaps more than anything else, at Aloha Kona Realty Inc. we take our Ohana very seriously, and we view our responsibility as helping others to send down roots and regenerate, through nourishment and support, and to reach their goals and dreams.

Join our ohana and experience the commitment that Aloha Kona Realty Inc. will provide you.

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